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About Us

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Since then, we have been acting as a manufacturer and supplier. Our factories in Vietnam and the Philippines have been making clothing for many famous brands. However, according to the service agreement, we cannot disclose its name. In the past ten years, our designers and workers have made clothes for thousands of women. Watching customers share their photos with smiles online makes us realize that we are not only producing clothes, but also happiness and joy.

Now, we are running our own business. We sell high-quality but lower-priced products directly produced by our own factories. We believe this is mutually beneficial to our customers and our manufacturers. was created by a small group of young people who were inspired and made a great contribution in the fashion industry.

An impartial platform for independent designers

Instead of inviting large fashion brands to sell their new designs on our website, is committed to creating a fair platform for small brands and designers who are still seeking fame and are seeking a larger audience.

Link designers directly to clients

We are committed to changing the traditional business model of the fashion industry by skipping unnecessary middleman procedures between clients and designers. In this way, we can provide the latest designs to our valued customers with the fastest speed and the widest range.

Market participants with a sense of social responsibility supports fashion designers and brands who are highly committed to using recyclable materials throughout the creative process. Due to the founders' early experience in the fashion industry, the team pays special attention to the welfare of employees. In addition, will only work with brands that provide fair treatment and salary to its employees. donates part of its income to charities to help solve extreme poverty worldwide.

Company location and logistics center is a business entity registered in the United States and has its own logistics center in Singapore. Although most Internet-based fashion retailers usually place logistics centers in North America, we prefer Singapore because of its world-class delivery capabilities. In addition, since most of our factories are located in Asia, choosing Singapore can help reduce customer delivery costs.

If you have any questions, please contact us at customer@